About the HDA PAC

HDA PAC is governed by the PAC Advisory Group, comprising member company representatives and HDA staff. Our PAC Advisory Group is responsible for providing direction and strategy for disbursing funds to candidates for federal office. Working closely with member companies and government affairs staff, HDA PAC strives to elevate the role and value of healthcare distributors at the federal level.

 Our impact

The HDA PAC raised and donated more than $100,000 in 2022 to committees of jurisdiction and members who are continued champions for safe and efficient healthcare distribution. See a breakdown of disbursements.


Abigail Kizer Abby Kizer is HDA's Associate Director of HDA PAC and Grassroots. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the PAC including budget managements and all communications. Abby is also responsible for creating and coordinating grassroots activities for members on the federal level.

Kristen Freitas Kristen L. Freitas is HDA's SVP, Federal Government Affairs and Alliance Development. She is responsible for federal legislative advocacy, developing and maintaining relationships with key congressional legislators and their staff, as well as conducting direct lobbying in support of association policies and positions. Kristen is also responsible for fostering relationships with supply chain stakeholders to develop alliances supporting safe and reliable healthcare distribution in the U.S. She oversees the HDA PAC and grassroots activities.